Bargain Bites

On Friday, my friend Lynne and I headed down to 5th Ave. S. to check out the Summer Wine Tasting and Pairing at Cafe Lurcat.  Now, I wasn’t expecting much as the entire event only cost $10 a person, but I’ve got to admit…they blew me away. 

We were each brough 3 tasting glasses of wine, a Sauvignon Blanc, a Provence Rose, and a Bourgogne Rouge.  The pours were pretty generous, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 to 3 oz each. Then a beautiful plate with three light bites was delivered, as well.

Each bite, we were told, had been expertly paired with one of the three wines.  The first wine, a Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc, was delicious.  It was crisp and had a really nice mineralistic quality to it.  It had been paired with a tuna tartare that was made with sushi-grade tuna; it was outstanding.  The tartare was very clean with just a hint of ginger, lime, and fresh scallion.  It was served with a freshly fried wonton strip, which made the perfect vehicle for getting the tuna from the plate and into my mouth.

The second wine was a Provence Rose.  Now a Rose is never my wine of choice, so I was a bit sceptical.  I swirled, I sipped, they scored…it was excellent!  It had a bright acidic bite that balanced out the deliciously fatty and rich salmon pâté it was paired with.  The pâté was served with a bit of horseradish crème fraîche and a perfectly toasted crostini.  The wine and pâté were a match made in heaven, and I was a bit sad when both were gone.

Last, but certainly not least, was the Bourgogne Rouge.  The wine itself was a treat, full-bodied without being heavy, great mouth-feel with a lingering velvety finish.  This had been paired with a mushroom spring roll that was sitting on top of the most delicious tarragon-ginger sauce.  The spring roll was very tasty, but the sauce…mmmmmm, the sauce… it was freekin’ amazing.  I honestly scraped every bit up off the plate and into my mouth.  Had we not been at the very swanky Cafe Lurcat, I would have unabashedly licked my plate!

This, my noshing friends, is the Holy Grail of Naples bargains during the summer.  All this for just 10 bucks seems almost impossible…yet it’s there for the taking.  Cafe Lurcat plans to hold one of these events on the last Friday of every month during the summer.  The next one is scheduled for Friday, June 29th.  Be sure to make your reservations..but not before I do!
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