Sushi Thai of Naples

Sushi Thai of Naples is definitely one of my family’s “go-to” restaurants.  While the food is equally delicious at any of their locations, I prefer the intimacy and authenticity of the original Sushi Thai in Naples Park.  My entire family loves this place and inevitably it’s the restaurant we choose when we’re looking for a delicious dinner that requires no brain power.  This, due to the fact that we already know our favorite items, and we choose them every single time.  Strange, I know, being a foodie and always ordering the same exact thing at a restaurant.  But my favorites are so good that I’ve been terrified that branching out will only leave me sad and disappointed…and who wants that??

This time, however, I decided that in the name of research I was going out-of-the-box…at least a little.  Now, I couldn’t change-up my soup. That would just be crazy talk…their Tom Yum soup is so incredible that my mouth begins watering in anticipation as soon as we walk in the door.  The spicy lemon-grass broth is full of fresh vegetables, and I think it’s the perfect way to begin my Thai meal.  Also, we love to snack on a bowl of edamame while we wait for our entrées…couldn’t give that up either.

Entrée time though, I went for it!  Rather than my usual Panang Curry or Pad Thai, I ordered the Swimming Angel.  When it arrived, I was blown away… the presentation was beautiful.  Almost too pretty to eat, but I dove right in. Chicken and shrimp sitting atop a bed of steamed broccoli, red peppers, and tomatoes, all sitting in their own little pool of peanut sauce. The chicken was thinly sliced and very tender, and the shrimp were perfectly cooked.  I was expecting the dish to be on the heavy side due to the sauce, but the crunch of the broccoli and the freshness of the tomato really balanced the richness of the sauce.  And the sauce…mmmmm…it was creamy, salty, spicy, and sweet, all at the same time.  I happily dragged every item on my plate through it, hoping to sop up as much as possible in each bite.

My only complaint…since it was something we’d never ordered before, everyone in the family wanted to try it, and it disappeared much too quickly from my plate.  Note to self…the next time I go out-of-the-box, I’m going in alone!

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3 thoughts on “Sushi Thai of Naples

  1. I love the intimacy of the Naples Park location also, but they won’t serve my favorite sushi roll: The sakura roll! I can only get it at the one on Vanderbilt!

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