Liquid Love Affair

Now, I’m not a big fan of writing about chain restaurants.  I prefer to “eat local” and support the families whose food makes Naples so diverse and delicious.  However, every once in a while you come across something so amazing at a chain that it deserves a shout-out!

Last Friday was one of those days.  I was out with my friend Lynne at Seasons 52 and she suggested that we try the Strawberry Basil Fusion.  This delectable concoction is served martini style: icy cold and straight up.  My favorite thing was that they mixed up more than could actually fit into my glass and left me with the shaker, and all of its icy contents, for refills.

The main ingredient in the drink is vodka.  Now this is not any old vodka, mind you.  This is Prairie organic vodka that has been hanging out and soaking with fresh, plump, flavorful strawberries for an entire week.  Once their week-long interlude is over, the berries are carefully pressed so that all of their vodka-licious juices are captured.  This delicious vodka infusion is now ready for business! To create the Strawberry Basil Fusion, the vodka is muddled with a bit of agave nectar and some fresh basil leaves.  The herbaceousness of the basil cuts through the sweetness of the strawberry infused vodka and produces such a refreshing and delicious drink that you need to remind yourself to sip slowly because you are actually drinking a cocktail.

When I reached the bottom of the shaker, I resisted the urge to suck on the ice chips by ordering myself another.  I know that my love affair with this drink can’t last forever…Season’s 52 frequently changes their vodka infusions based on what is…ahem…in season.
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