We Got Toast-ed!

Having just returned from a week-long cruise, there was no way I was planning to get up on Easter morning and prepare a gourmet breakfast.  Excuse me…which way to the Lido Deck buffet?  So my family and I hopped into the car to check out Toast, at their Vanderbilt Collection location.  In the holiday spirit, my husband chose the Easter Benedict while I opted for the carrot cake pancakes…after all, what’s another day of decadence going to hurt?

Carrot Cake Pancakes

The carrot cake pancakes were seriously good.  Thinly shredded carrot and soft cinnamon-soaked raisins all surrounded by fluffy pancake batter.  It had all the right flavors, without the dense heaviness that the cake batter can provide.  The pancakes were sweet and moist enough to give the illusion of carrot cake but hopefully weren’t as fattening. They were dusted with a bit of powdered sugar, probably in an effort to keep things light and breakfasty, yet I couldn’t help thinking that a warm, sweetened cream cheese drizzle might have been the way to go.  The pancakes disappeared quickly, especially as soon as my kids got a taste of them…and I sat, feeling a bit smug about the fact that I had gotten them to eat both fruit and vegetables at breakfast without a single complaint!

Easter Eggs Benedict

Although my breakfast was delicious, my husband’s Easter Benedict stole the show.  A crisp English muffin, a bed of lightly sautéed spinach, a slice of tomato, and two perfectly poached eggs sat below a velvety layer of light and lemony hollandaise sauce.  For research purposes I had to take a bite or two, however, he started getting protective of his plate when I went back for bites three and four.  The freshness of the  spinach and tomato married beautifully with the rich, lemony flavor of the hollandaise.  The result was a perfectly clean plate and a desire to return to taste the dozens of other menu items that caught my attention.  French toast made with banana bread?!?  I’m in!  Well, at least I will be, as soon as I work off the last eight days of decadence!


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2 thoughts on “We Got Toast-ed!

  1. You rock! Love your writing style! I am seriously proud of you. Every time I turn around you are expressing more and more seriously good talents. You remain my HERO!

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