No Español? No Problem!

At the suggestion of a friend we tried the Latin Family Bakery, nestled in the corner of the Bed, Bath and Beyond Plaza on Airport Road.  I’d been warned that mostly Spanish was spoken in the restaurant, so on the drive over, we boned up on our Spanish food vocabulary..queso, cerveza…that’s about  as far as we got.  Upon arrival, however, we were delighted to find that our obvious lack of Spanish was no problem at all!  We were greeted by a friendly server who was more than happy to explain menu items and make suggestions…all in English. The menu was very Peruvian inspired, so we decided to go for some of their classic dishes.   We ordered the shrimp ceviche, a chicken empanada, a ham and cheese empanada, Lomo Saltado and Tallairn Saltado.  I know that sounds like a lot of food for two girls, but have I mentioned that we like to eat? We don’t just like it; we’re good at it…maybe even champions.

Our best bites?

The Ceviche

Well, the ceviche was delish! We barely came up for air as we pushed each other’s forks aside vying for the last bite. The shrimp were fresh, citrusy, and perfectly marinated…and we were tempted to ask for a second order.

The Lomo Saltado

The Lomo Saltado was also a hit.  The char-grilled flavor of the beef paired beautifully with the slightly salty soy based sauce, onion, tomato and crispy fries.  This beautiful mix of flavors sat alongside a pile of white rice.  Yup, you read that right, French fries and rice on the same plate…carb lovers dream!

It was a tasty way to spend the evening and a great start to our Noshing Through Naples adventures!
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